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The social and digital landscape is constantly evolving. It’s no longer an sideline for younger communities to swap updates and send pictures to their friends, but a consumer and customer engagement channel, making it a customer care, brand and marketing must-have for all organisations.

Bizvu Social allows companies and organisations to collate and manage data from Social Media, Online and Mobile feeds and integrate them with deployed In-house systems to provide better customer insight, customer management, customer interaction and customer knowledge, allowing businesses to become more effective and efficient in all areas of customer engagement.

Powerful customer engagement tools that provide end-to-end social, digital and customer management:
Brand Monitoring of internal & external digital feeds
Automatic Reputation Management & cross channel sentiment with condition based customer interaction
Marketing, publishing content & running campaigns based on competition, trends & consumer insight
Integration with CRM, Contact Centre Systems & Telephony with full Workflow and business rules
Customer & Consumer Insight and Analytics
Customer Agents & Team performance, reporting & scheduling across all Channels

In today’s fast moving consumer and tech savvy world, customers utilise every channel open to them to communicate. The traditional paper and contact centre approach is being supplemented by digital and social. Communications and engagement isn’t just with friends across Social Networks, it is with there entire daily ecosystem, whether mCommerce and InApp purchasing or webchat online with a utility provider. The fact is, this is now moving towards common behaviour and will only become more embedded and common place with society and businesses.

Take twitter for example - Tweets are ephemeral. Between deleted tweets and posts that disappear into the timeline void, it’s hard to keep track of and find information more than a few days old — never mind finding information from a specific day or a year back. How do we manage and provide insight with fast changing data and use it to deliver customer service when we no longer have sight of that information?

The answer is have a solution that hooks into you business objectives and delivers the imperatives across the customer touch points that allows Reputation Management, Customer Management, Marketing and Analytics across all digital channels!


Bizvu Social has been designed as a full end-to-end digital solution to cover and work with existing customer applications and systems to “solve the right problem really well” and to ensure this happens. We will adapt our product roadmap to underpin the client needs for improved customer management processes. This is achieved by mapping and understanding your business objectives relating to customers and then linking these objectives to the customer digital imperatives to deliver improved customer touch points and engagement.

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